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Night of Lights by Benjamin Mayes

A large theater stands still and dark. Not a single sound echoed in the hollow room until suddenly, flick. A single ghost light pierces the center of the stage. The light doesn’t reveal anything that one might anticipate. Instead, it illuminates the dust particles that are everpreset in the arid room. The eyes in the audience are drawn to this light, intrigued by the promise of a figure to appear from the darkness, and comforted by the knowledge that the stage is still there. Breaking the silence once more, footsteps are heard one after the other. Each step echoes through the darkness bouncing off the theater’s intricate walls. Just as the audience is encouraged to look beyond the ghost light, I walk under its shine and feel its warmth. Every eye is on me now.

I begin to speak, not with my own voice, but someone else's. This person has strong feelings just like me, this person is flawed just like me and most of all, this person wants something greater than themself, just like me. As I finish speaking, the room falls still once again. I look down at my hands and notice something strange. My fingertips start emitting a red glow which begins to slowly spread out to the rest of my body and soon after, my clothes. Before I knew it, I was a glowing person lighting up my surrounding area even more than the ghost light had before me.

What’s going on? How is this possible? I couldn’t see the audience. Could they see me? I’m the only thing to see so I guess they can. I look to my right and hear another set of footsteps. I hear a fellow actor confess their feelings to the audience, how they struggle, and what they seek beyond themself. Spontaneously, just as I had, they start glowing. They emitted a blue glow and suddenly two glowing actors filled the darkness.

One by one each actor would walk on stage and share their story to the audience, each accompanied by a new color slowly filling the stage with a kaleidoscopic display. The set moved and changed around us and even without words, the technicians also began to glow. Soon enough the entire stage was illuminated, each soul with their own hue. The audience watched our display astounded. It took every single one of us to light up the stage, and just as we had done so, the audience began to glow as well. Clapping their hands at our display of color and emotion, every last audience member took on a color of their own. Every single person was now glowing and the previously multicolored lights all blended into one. The house lights came on. It was time to go home.

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