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New Music (and ducks) by Sivan Shavit

Once the post-concert high fades, the whole orchestra is thrown into a frenzied search for new music to play. With only a few months between concerts, the pressure is on to start regarding as soon as possible. The first two weeks or so are spent sight reading, which is always an experience. There's something so fun about stumbling and screeching your way through a for page long piece in the search for new repertoire. All jokes aside though, reading through new music is one of my favorite parts of playing in an orchestra. I can't wait to get our new music; I have nothing to play.

If you'll permit me to completely change the subject, I would like to know: is there some connection between ducks and theater? Last year at JAMS we had a rubber duck called the good luck duck that supposedly would give us good luck during performances. Then when we went to the State Thespian Festival, they did this thing called "duck buddies" that also involved Robert ducks. At the club fair earlier this year, Drama Club gave out tiny colored ducks. And over the last two years, there have been (at least) three ducks in Nathan Hale Theater productions. That's too many ducks to be purely coincidental, don't you think?

If you want to find out if there's any ducks in our spring musical, Hello, Dolly! you should come check it out!

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