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My Yelp Review of Nathan Hale Theatre by Benjamin Mayes


When I first showed up at the Nathan Hale Theatre Restaurant, it was kind of on 

fire. All the chefs, the staff, and even the dinner goers were on fire. The food was on 

fire, really just everything was on fire. This catastrophe was a colossal bummer so 

everyone decided it would be best to eat from home. It’s really difficult and kind of silly 

to run a restaurant virtually, but the passion of the chefs and the staff never waivered. 

I started out as a bus boy doing dishes and whatnot. It was rough working from 

home, but gosh darn it, those dishes were polished. As the days went by I got better 

and better and so did all the staff who had to adjust. 


After a year at work, the restaurant stopped burning. It was great for everyone to 

be back but we all had to wear respirator masks for the smoke. I got promoted to wait 

staff and got the chance to meet my colleagues in person. To learn from them. 

Everyone was so kind and driven to help the restaurant succeed.Especially the 


Another year passed and even after a few mini fires, we kept serving delicious 

courses with all our gusto. The managers noticed my passion for the craft and respect 

for my station. Because of this, they promoted me to head chef. I was elated. The time I 

spent getting better and better taught me that each and every role in the restaurant was just as crucial to the kitchen’s success and I was fortunate enough to acquire 

experience in most all of them. 


The connections I’ve made and the experiences I’ve had at NHT can’t be 

understated. I’ve met so many smart and crazy talented people who’ve taught me what 

it means to perform. I’ve learned lessons in loss. Most people I’ve worked with moved 

on or left to pursue something else, and that’s okay. I’ve learned lessons in humility. I’ve 

often not gotten the roles or opportunities I first wanted, but I’ve made the very best of 

the opportunities I was granted. More than anything else however, I’ve learned how to 

be a member, supporter, and a leader in something larger than myself. 


Overall, I have to give this restaurant ★☆☆☆☆. That one star is to be multiplied 

by every star I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Cinderella is going to be a 

phenomenal main course and I’m honored to help prepare it. 

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