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My Attempt at Poetry by Elke Peterson

Hi!  My name is Elke Peterson, and I’m a dance captain in this year’s production of Cinderella!  Other than my passion to sing, dance, and act, I absolutely love writing and making art.   So, I thought, why not take the opportunity to share a poem? 

Fun fact: I’ve never considered myself good at poetry, and I haven’t ever really written poems. 

I guess, in some sort of way, writing a poem and submitting it is kind of representative of me jumping way out of my comfort zone and auditioning. 



Here it is, in front of your eyes: 


the  N e i g h b o r s  in our sky 


looking through a crisp ocean iris 

at the  N e i g h b o r s  up oh so high 

that sculpt their bliss of cocoons 

to sweep up and hide 


i do know that their hope 

will most certainly blossom tomorrow 

for now they will occupy the fragile frames 

of a home fostered of floors and walls but still hollow 


reminiscent of giggles and gasps and cries 

of a home stationary of trinkets inside 

they like to confer through their hammered stems 

constructed with chrysalismystic scribes and methods 


i’ll always watch 

and yesterday i’ll hear 

while their words are muffled 

their dreams are oh so clear. 


Okay.  That didn’t go as bad as I thought! 


Take the poem how you like; art is subjective!  I just hope you enjoy the arts just as much as you enjoy Nathan Hale High School’s 2024 production of Cinderella. 

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