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My Apprentice is Cooler Than Yours by Rose Barnes

I think my favorite part of rehearsal is when my apprentice Crow hands me a small origami animal. Hi! I’m Rose, the stage manager for Pippin, and one of my many responsibilities this year is teaching another human being how to be me! (I’m teaching them how to be a stage manager, not me Rose, that’d be problematic and weird, as well as complex ANYWAY). Crow is my apprentice this year! They’re sophomore, and while they are taller than me (yes, I am bitter about this), they still have some things left to learn! (As do all of us, let's be honest).

But that aside!! Here are my favorite Crow things that they do because they are wonderful:

  • They say, “Cool cool” (I TOTALLY stole that one from them)

  • They once gave me a pair of cowboy earrings; I have not felt true joy like that in years

  • Their blocking notes are very clear and concise (I once spent about 5 minutes trying to decipher the word “comfortable” from my blocking notes. It was incredible folks)

  • Their laugh is delightful (And they laugh at my jokes too! What don’t they do?)

  • Their extensive knowledge of Excel (I don’t know how they do it)

  • Their kindness, humor, and light

Few words can describe the incredible human being that is Crow Delevan. I feel such immense pride knowing that I get to help them grow into a kickass stage manager! While I am sad about graduating, and terrified that I haven’t done enough to teach them, I am so excited to pass one of the highest honors (and responsibilities) I’ve ever held in my life down to them. You’re gonna rock socks Crowseph, I just know it. In the words of virtually all my Friday emails, love you byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. enjoy the show or whatevsies <33

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