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“Mr. Roby, We’re Ready!” by Alivia Wagner

How do the theatre kids start rehearsal??? Let’s take you through those theatre warm-ups. We start every rehearsal at 3:50 with a circle of warm-ups. Our wonderful Warm Up Boss, Lilith, takes us through it. Most days we do some jumping jacks to get that blood pumping and then go into stretches. On other days we get our blood pumping by running stairs or walking in…odd…ways through the house. Our stretch routine usually goes like this: arm stretches, like over the back, across the body, and opposite rotation arm circles. Which usually consists of me struggling to move my arms in opposite directions at the same time and just looking like I’m swimming as I watch Iris in awe at her concentration and arm coordination. We’ll do some good neck stretches, the lovely sound of all those cracking necks. Then some thigh stretching, here comes all those people jumping around struggling to balance, (pro tip: focus on a spot on the ground ahead of you). Next, we take it to the floor. We straddle and stretch to the side, do the butterfly, and back stretches, and once again, the sweet sound of backs cracking. The back stretch is complicated, you’ll get there Hank. Somewhere in the middle of all that, our wonderful stage manager, Crow comes up and does a speed attendance check. Where they read off all the people they saw and check if they missed someone. As we do all those good stretches our wonderful Bonding Boss, Henry, bonds us. We go around the circle and answer a question Henry asks. Which is always very prepared and well thought out beforehand. We get to know each other on a very deep and personal level by answering things like, “if you were a worm what would you be excited to see?” or “tell us about your injury stories,” or “if you had to let rice or flour go which would it be?” (That one got heated). Or, “what’s your hot take?” (Hot take Delaware is not a real state). It’s usually something really deep and personal like those. When 4 o’clock rolls around we should be all finished up. “Mr. Roby, we’re ready!” Then come any announcements and we get to work. Short answer, we stretch. There ya have it, folks.

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