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Marketing Officer Nina McKinstry - "This Title is an Advertisement (I'm sorry, it's my job)"

Hi Folks! My name is Nina and I’m the marketing officer for Nathan Hale Theatre! This is my second year as marketing officer, and I’ve loved every second of it. My responsibilities mainly include running our Instagram, maintaining our website, and communicating with folks who would somehow like to be involved in our program (parents, students, other schools, etc.). I also work with the other officers with planning drama club and other “all officer” duties.

My favorite thing about being an officer is getting to do what I love almost every day. I’m able to connect with people involved in our program as well as people who are eager to get involved. I really enjoy helping parents and families learn about our program and I love being able to use our Instagram and website to highlight the amazing people involved in theatre at Hale.

I have a whole lot of favorite memories from being an officer, but the one that sticks out the most is putting together our theatre workshops fundraiser last year. I got the opportunity to reach out to school admins to get the word out about our program, and got to communicate with parents. It was great experience to gain and I had a great time doing it, especially since I got to reach out to my old middle school and see people I knew in those workshops.

I hope you consider applying to be an officer for next year!

- Nina

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