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Managing Mona by Thomas

Some could say that I take licking the Mona Lisa as seriously, if not more seriously, than being a stage manager for Nathan Hale Theatre. You might be wondering “Thomas, what the hell do these things have in common?” (Or not, idk, I’m not you). To that I give you this: licking the Mona Lisa takes a lot of planning. There is, after all, high security. You must find a time where there isn’t as much security so that you can get to the Mona Lisa in the first place. This is much like making a shift plot, in which you need to ask the director(s) what the set design plan is, and then panic about if the transitions will even be possible (I love you director team). Next, the Mona Lisa will definitely not taste good, BUT I would get to be the guy that LICKED THE MONA LISA. Sometimes, being a stage manager doesn’t taste good, that is to say that it sometimes sucks and you’re just so tired, stressed and a little bit burnt out. But, you keep going, because you still care about the show and all the people in it, and you get to say that you helped with something great. Finally, I’m going to Harvard, so you can’t argue with me :)

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