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"Just Write Something" by Evie Wroblewski

Hi I'm Evie, a junior at Nathan Hale and a stagehand for this year's play, the Imaginary Invalid!!!

This is my first time stagehanding (if that's not a real word, it is one now) and I am so excited!

I really haven't done much theater before. Last year's spring musical, Pippin, was my first time and I worked as a production assistant. When I began to see other parts of the show I wanted to be more involved. We are in the middle of tech week right now and I am so glad I decided to be a stagehand. I've been able to work with friends and get to know new, great people that I probably wouldn't have met, or get to know better, if I didn't join.

Speaking of tech, you may be wondering, "what's tech?" It is the week (and a half) before the performances where we practice techie things and stay at school for a long time. It's very tiring but it's also very rewarding and fun! Stagehands don't have a ton to do this production so there have been some interesting things happening. Lots of waving, dancing, joking around and trying to communicate from either side of the stage while we wait for things to happen. Many award worthy quotes have come out of just sitting in a chair backstage. For example: "It's 7:11! Where's my slurpee??" (Thanks Marina)

But seriously it has been very fun and the play is going to be amazing. Come see it!!!! I promise you will laugh!!! So many hardworking and talented people have come together to make it the amazing show it is.

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