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Joining Nathan Hale Theatre! by Avery Bradley

Hello! My name is Avery Bradley, I’m a junior, this is my first year working with Nathan Hale Theatre and I’ve never been more excited! I’ve always enjoyed theater from a distance, singing along to Dear Evan Hansen in the car or throwing Hamilton references out every sentence.

But this year I’m not throwing away my shot to jump aboard the Hale Theatre train. There is so much that goes into one show and it's beautiful to watch every part work together to create this one big, cohesive masterpiece. It's something I just had to be a part of and experience firsthand.

I have never felt more welcomed by a school community than Hale Theatre. I feel like I have a place to be important and helpful to others. I also didn’t need any previous skills to be able to join so I’m thrilled to learn along the way! Everyone I’ve met is so kind and always answers any question I have about the program.

I’m a bit shy to be onstage (even though one day I’d love to try) but it’s lovely to know I can be needed for other things behind the scenes that are equally as important. One thing I’ve learned after joining the theater program so far is that it's never too late to try something you’re interested in. Though I wish I had joined this community earlier, I’m glad I have been able to do it now and discover my true love for theater!

As tech week approaches, I’m bracing myself for a wild ride but I’m eager to take it all in! Thank you!

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