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It's Possible by Sivan Shavit

As soon as I got my music for Cinderella, I spent the next two periods putting tabs on all of the songs. I used new tabs, I color-coded them, and the tabs I used had kitties on them. I used blue tabs for songs I play in and yellow tabs for songs I don't play in. You might be wondering when I'm going to get to the point and tell you about the miracle. Well, as you can imagine, there are quite a few songs in Cinderella, 51 to be exact ( I think). I was happily tabbing along, when I ran out of blue tabs! Oh no! So I had to use purple tabs for the rest of the songs I play in. I didn't even get to the end of Act One with blue...  

I continued tabbing and highlighting, and I got all the way to the last song I play in (which is not actually the last song because of the way we had to split the Reed 4 book), when I realized that I had run out of purple tabs too! I was so sad guys, I thought I was going to have to use ONE SINGULAR GREEN TAB. But then, as I reached for the packet of tabs, I saw a flash of purple. There on the desk, next to my music book, was one last purple tab!!! I couldn't believe it. I swear I had used all the purple tabs. But whatever the case is, now I know that nothing is impossible! 

If you want to hear all the wonderful music us musicians and actors have been working hard on, come see Cinderella! 

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