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Incredibly Insane People by Cove Taylor

Hey, this is Cove, the ASM for Nathan Hale's spring musical Hello, Dolly!

This blog post is about how incredible and insane the folks in our theatre program are. Starting off with some seniors. Here are a few quotes from them that was gathered from the fall play:

“When will my husband return from war?” -Mya

“My father dressed me as Mr. Roby against my will and I turned out just fine.” -Gavin

“It’s giving silly goose” -Henry

As for every other grade, here’s a few more:

“Dang, I’m lankay.” -Benjamin

(doing the macarena) “To sit in solemn silence on a dull dark dock...” -Ravenna

“Dancing time is over. It’s time for Jesus.” -Eli

“You could have started moonwalking. That's a very hummus thing to do.” -Elizabeth

There are many more quotes that I didn’t share in this post, but are just as funny, shared by both new people to the theatre program and old. And this was just from the fall play! There have been so many more in this show and many more to come in future shows.

These folks are funny, super welcoming, and I’ve never had a dull moment with them.

This whole blog post could never even contain my appreciation for these lovely folks. I know that next year we will have more students come join us, and while they won’t meet our seniors, I know they will still have so much fun with everyone else and they will have their own seniors next year, who are currently juniors this year. Next year’s freshman will truly enjoy the theatre program at Hale and will have a blast with all the wondrous people here.

Now you know how insane these folks are, but they are also incredible and it has been so fun to collaborate with them for this insane incredible show. It has been such a blast hanging out with these folks for the past few months. Hope you come see Hello, Dolly! and enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it on.

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