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Inclusion Officer Rose Barnes - "7645% Exclusive"

Beep beep that’s me riding in my super cool inclusion car, everyone’s welcome. Hi! I’m Rose, the second inclusion officer here at Hale! This is my first year as an inclusion officer and I’ve been having an absolute blast! As an inclusion officer I do as the name says: try to make everyone feel welcome in this space! Whether that’s introducing myself to virtually everyone, working with other clubs, or leading discussions about different awareness months, I’m there!

I think my favorite thing about being an officer is the meetings. We work together and bounce ideas off one another about fundraisers, marketing schemes, and everything in between! I love being part of a team and seeing my contributions have a positive impact to the theatre community. Although, I think my MOST favorite part about being an officer is the incredible people I get to work alongside with.

One of my favorite memories as an officer has got to be the time we played red light green light after a meeting. Did you know Shelby is ridiculously good at red light green light? We played for like an hour, she’s so good! OR the time we filmed a joke video of what it’s like to be an officer. So many laughs, so many bloopers and, overall, a wonderful time.

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