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In a Pickle? By Moon Yancey

Hi, I'm Moon and I'm in the ensemble of our spring musical Hello, Dolly! Now I'm wondering, do you like pickles? Me too! Well, I assume you said yes otherwise I don't think you would've clicked on this blog post

Now I've always wondered, where did the phrase "in a pickle" even come from? Is it trying to imply that the person saying it, is dipping themselves in salty water until they ferment? Or, maybe it's saying that you've become salty, and slightly less palatable.

Apparently, it was actually first said by Shakespeare, and he used it to mean someone who is drunk or intoxicated in some way because he seemed to think of pickles as drunk cucumbers.

When the phrase became more popular in America, we decided it should have a completely different meaning that makes slightly less sense, as we do with quite a few things here in America. Here, it means that someone is stuck, or in a tough place, because pickles are stuck in a jar of pickles the entire time they exist as pickles.

I mentioned earlier that I am an ensemble member in our show Hello Dolly! this year, meaning that I don't have a set character that I have to play. In creating this production, we ensemble members get to do our own character creation and development throughout the show, and the character that I have created is and has been in a pretty big pickle for awhile now.

Come and see our show to learn more about all these characters, the ones created by students and the ones brought to life by them. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the show!

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