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I wish I was born in Pittsburgh by Lila Brodsky

Many think I would have at least some level of hand- eye coordination as I've played sports for most of my life. Unfortunately, dancing just does not come naturally to me. I have never done a musical before, and I was not expecting my biggest barrier to be a physical aspect. Dancing is a thinking sport, and I can feel the gears grinding against each other in my head as I try to smoothly transition from one move to the next. I was more or less in shape due to basketball season- at least I thought. One five minute session of technique and my quads are burning and shoulders are crying for mercy.

This brings me to my final conclusion: I wish I was born in Pittsburg in 2002 so I would have ended up on dance moms. The only difference between me and Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler is that her mom sent her to the dance studio that happened to end up on a reality TV show. I would be famous, rich, and most importantly, dancing would feel as natural as breathing. The choreography for Hello, Dolly! would feel easy to me, and I would never have to worry about picking up and remembering steps, as the girls from Dance Moms learned a new dance each week. Unfortunately, it's too late now, as Lifetime announced that after season 8, Dance Moms will not be continuing production.

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