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I think I'm working with ghosts by Benjamin Mayes

Okay so, hear me out. I, Benjamin Richard Mayes have been in the Nathan Hale Theatre Department for almost two years now. I’ve had experience in two plays and one musical. I started loving and continue to love everyone in this program. This year, as we started work on the production of Pippin, I started to notice some weird going’s on going on before the show’s even gotten to go on.

The first course of weirdness on the abnormal plate is our director, Mr. Roby. When I say I’m working with ghosts, he is the prime example. One second, he will be walking around the theatre, maybe even having a conversation with someone like a people person who is alive would do. Then the next minute, he simply vanishes from the premises, never to be seen again for the next two minutes. Just as quickly as he disappeared, he’s back, and the strangest thing is that he only reveals his ghostly form when my back is turned.

Roby isn’t the only supernatural figure in the Nathan Hale Theatre program. I grow more suspicious of my peers with each passing day. Just today I heard Gavin say, “I think we’re all a little dead inside.” Am I a ghost? Moving on. I tend to notice that people act a little too cool around here to be real. While I have no physical proof of abnormal actions occurring among my amazing ensemble of associates, I firmly believe that the best form of evidence is, “Believe me, I saw it.”

Then of course there's our theatre ghost Fergus, but every theatre has a theatre ghost. When it comes to our show, Pippin, a common trend is the use of magic, which my peers are pulling off effortlessly. Coincidence? Nah... Well, I think I should get going now. I just felt someone tap my shoulder but no one’s behind me... Thanks for hearing me out and come see Pippin. It’s going to be an amazing show and as always, we need money. It’s really cold right now.

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