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I Get to be Classist in Cinderella! by Hank Roos

Dear peasants, 

His Royal Highness, Christopher Rupert Windemere Vladmir Karl Alexander Francois Reginald Lancelot Herman Gregory James, has decreed that if the total combined income from all the members of your household is less than 1000 gold per month, you will be relocated to a location more reflective of your income. You will be provided with 3 months of food rations and easy access to a well. We are not monsters, after all. Most of these locations are closer to the mines and farms, so you shall be closer to your job. If you shall refuse, you will be arrested and charged with treason. Any person who speaks out against this law will also be charged with treason. We all know what the penalty for treason is. Now, His Majestic Highness does not want to remove people from their homes, of course, but he feels as this is the appropriate move so that better-deserving people may have more real estate. 

-Your Lord Protector, Sebastian 

Now…I need to get this decree stamped…if only the Prince was not pining over some woman. She had the elegant attire, but something about her just screamed impoverished to me. I must have a talk with Topher. 


Oh, and don’t forget to see Nathan Hale Theatre’s production of Cinderella, or you shall become a victim, ahem, I mean, a beneficiary, of this decree! 

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