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I don’t think I’m cut out to be an artist. By Axel Sherwood

Hey all, It's Axel. One of two costume designers for Almost Maine. Working on this show has been incredible, but there have been a few challenges. My main struggle was that I decided that I wanted to draw all the characters out in their costumes. I normally make a mood board with all my ideas for the different characters, but I took on the challenge of drawing them, and it went okay. I draw a decent amount, but I don't consider myself an artist, and this became clear as I started drawing. The first two went great, and I was actually really proud of how they came out, but as I progressed, they got worse. So much worse. As I rushed to complete all 19 characters in one night, fatigue and a lack of attention to detail started to take a toll on my drawings. The later ones definitely lacked the same level of precision and creativity as the first few. In hindsight, pacing myself and allowing more time for each character would have resulted in better overall quality. It's quite funny looking back at the drawings though.

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