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I don’t really know how to write these. but hey choreography by Tarran Pearson

Hello, my name is Tarran, and this is the first time I’ve written one of these and it’s for one of the most iconic stories, Cinderella. First of all, I really love how welcoming the cast and crew is and how engaging the Nathan hale theater group is. Even when I don’t understand something very well I can just ask someone and they will have an answer that really helps me out. When we’re doing the choreography sometimes there are words spoken that I have no clue as to the meaning and now I can somewhat understand a bit of them. Such as plié, which I’m pretty sure means bent knees and sha-a-se which is like a triplet in rhythm. I’m also pretty sure I butchered those as I spelt them phonetically.

Other than not understanding some of the words so far, the choreography is my favorite part of the rehearsals so far. Our choreographer Natalya has made the choreography so that its challenging but doable and I love how after I’m done with rehearsal for the day, I’m able realize what my body is capable of. Although I’m not sure how sore my body will be after all of this but im having a blast and

hope you will too.

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