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I don’t have to title any more of these before I graduate?! Man. by Nina McKinstry

Maybe listening to Married Life from Up while writing this blog post wasn’t my best idea. Oh well, life goes on. I hoped that this being my last blog post would mean I would know how to start it, but I was sorely mistaken.

I promised myself (and also Henry I think) that I would save the emotional sappiness for my last blog post, but I hope I can keep my signature silly goofy nature in this one. This program has meant so much to me over the last four years. The passage of time is absolutely insane, and it’s so hard to fathom how much I, as well as the people I’ve spent all this time with, have changed. I never realized how much being a part of this program and group of people would help me grow as both an actor and a person, pushing me out of my comfort zone and increasing my ability to commit to the bit.

The fact that I’m now in the shoes of the people I looked up to when I became involved in this program is absolutely nuts. I could not be prouder of my fellow seniors, as well as The Young Ones™, for putting such hard work and such joy into the work we do here.

Now, and I mean this in the most loving way, I’m starting to sound a bit too much like Benjamin Mayes, so I will leave you all with these less sappy closing thoughts:

1) Two-year-old Zebra Stripe Gum tattoos are bad. Don’t use them. Normal markers are much more effective when you want silly little tattoos.

2) Root beer and milk is a God Tier combination and I will not hear any slander (especially from Rose Barnes).

3) Mya and I could totally put on a two-person production of Les Mis one day. It’s gonna happen. Mark my words. In the meantime, “Motherhood March” will be more than sufficient.

4) Finally, please come see Nathan Hale Theatre’s Hello, Dolly! this May. It’s gonna be a good one.

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