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I am a Soldier by Trygg Magelssen

I am Trygg. I am always Trygg. Except here, here I am a SOLDIER. Please, do not get it mixed up, though I know it is very hard. To make it easier for you all, I will finish this post in character.

My dearest Audience,

Not a day goes by in this wonderland of buzz and activity where I do not think of you. My heart longs for a glimpse of you as our troops train, week after week of tireless preparation for our Glory to come. I take great pride in my fellow soldiers, as we move forward unceasingly into the heart of enemy territory. Our king will surely bring us to Power as the day of the reckoning battle creeps, growing closer each passing second as I write this. Our camp will move forward at Morning Glow.

Until then my beloved,


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