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Holding on for Dear Life in Waiter’s Sprint by Lucille Buchanan

Hello, I’m Lucille Buchanan and I’m playing some reed instruments for the pit orchestra for Hello, Dolly! I’m playing 3 instruments, so it’s a bit tricky to change from one to the other when it’s a baritone saxophone to a bass clarinet in a few measures and suddenly I’m playing the clarinet right after a song that ends with bass clarinet and 2 of those are almost as big as myself. But at least I don’t have to carry the bari sax to school for practices, that would probably not end very well. Learning bass clarinet wasn’t too hard as it’s just a bigger clarinet, and I will go on record saying it is better than a normal clarinet, usually. The music that we have learned is usually the hardest when it is background to people doing random stuff on the stage but too much of a song to be considered just simple background ambiance. Sometimes we are practicing a piece and all I feel is concern for anyone who has to physically dance to it because of how speedy it can be sometimes. Anyway, everyone’s really talented so you should definitely come to the show to hear our music, and to see some goofy things happen in Waiters Galop thanks to all the amazing people of the cast and crew!

Here is a size comparison of cat vs. instruments. This picture took around 15 minutes to take, and it still kind of looks scuffed. It was worth it for the scientific cause though. (note that due to perspective, cat looks just a bit bigger than normal, so do not be too alarmed by the size of cat)

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