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Haunted Room? by Lillian West

When I first came into Nathan Hale as a freshman and first attended drama club, the black box seemed normal to me. It seemed like a room like any other. Like a completely normal and harmless place to be. That’s when The 39 Steps happened.

The 39 Steps was the first opportunity I had to see the music hallway as a theater hallway as well, all the dressing rooms open for use and the costume room bursting at the seams. I also found out the mirror hallway existed, and learned the many entrances there actually are into our dear PAC. But nothing could prepare me for what the black box had to offer.

I learned there was a second entrance to the black box in the music hallway, this didn’t surprise me too much as I had been in there before, leading me to understand there were a few doors in the room going to various places (not that I knew where those doors lead or what the places were). But when I was told about the second entry into the black box, I was merely skeptical it was in the music hallway. It was. But it was only when I entered the room that things took a turn.

Everything was backwards. Instead of Roby’s office, his desk, and the projector screen being to the right when you enter, it was all to the left. This absolutely freaked me the heck out. It wasn’t until near the end of the 39 steps when I learned the truth.

That I am incredibly stupid and that’s how directions work, obviously if you’re entering the other side of the room things are going to look different. Either way, it stumped me for months.

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