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HA! I survived one year of high school! 3 left! by Cove Taylor

Heyo, this is Cove, your local Nathan Hale assistant stage manager.

Wow, that’s a long title. I guess I’m not local if you’re not going to Nathan Hale, so I guess I’m just Nathan Hales assistant stage manager.

That’s still a long title.


Well, I guess I could make that into an acronym. NHASM


Well, I guess I could go with Nathan Hales ASM.

Yeah… that works.

Anyways, as you now know, I am Nathan Hales ASM for their fall play, Imaginary Invalid. I cannot wait to continue working with both the actors and the techies on this incredible show.

Well, I guess I could tell you a bit about the show so you’re more intrigued. Imaginary Invalid is about an ill father who is trying to do what he thinks is best for his daughters, but no one else agrees. It’s a show with comedy, romance, comedy, 1 heart touching moment, did I mention comedy? Anyways, it’s a glorious show! I don’t want to say more, as I would spoil pieces and part of it. If you truly wish to know… Come see it!

This should be longer… how ironic.

Uh… I guess I could tell you a bit about what I do as Nathan Hales ASM. It’s a lot of making word documents. I make the shift plot, I made the props list, I cleaned up the set design, I make a note of who messes up lines, I edit the calendar, I make sure people have turned in paperwork, I sometimes read the lines of folks who aren’t here, I help the stagehands with moving set pieces, I’m on coms, and I do SO MUCH MORE! I love this job.

Hope you enjoyed this ramble, and don’t forget to stop by and see Nathan Hales fall play, Imaginary Invalid! I’ll be there being Nathan Hales ASM!

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