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Grand Snack Theft by Naomi Low

In one of Roby’s first emails, he informed us that we should bring something to eat to rehearsals. Every day we get a ten-ish minute break to eat something or just sit down for a bit. For the first week or so, I was well prepared and came ready with a granola bar and some pretzels.

Recently, I’ve been slacking with my snack acquirement. I work hard on stage despite my hunger, but once we are released for our break, my inner vulture begins to kick in and I attempt to scavenge. I’ve discovered there are two types of people. Ones that will gladly share a bite, and ones you have to steal food from when they’re not looking. Then there’s the secret third category of people who are also without snacks and will join you in the begging of a couple crackers.

Bringing me to your takeaway from this post, please either come with some fueling assortments of nibbles, or be prepared to become convicted with grand snack theft.

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