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Faking it (and making it? (WITH A SURPRISE AT THE END)) By Eli Hudson

So, I kinda sorta maybe dived headfirst into the musical with no prior experience. Was it a mistake? No comment. When I started the musical I had quite literally no idea how to sing or dance, and I’m sure my singing audition and dancing during dance call will back that up. Okay now that I’ve talked about theatre let’s discuss Weezer and why Pinkerton is a masterpiece and the magnum opus of 90’s alt-rock as a whole. Rivers Cuomo wrote Pinkerton after going through a traumatic surgery that made one of his legs longer and cutting himself off from society for a while because he kept getting rejected by girls he liked. Many of the songs on Pinkerton are inspired by people Cuomo had crushes on while enrolled in Harvard. Pinkerton was a failure with consumers and critics, but later became critically acclaimed. Pinkerton is an album like no other, it’s so raw so visceral, you can tell Rivers is writing what he feels however problematic it may be. They never hired a producer for Pinkerton, it was an experimental album at its finest. Post note: some of the lyrics aged like milk :/ anywho, that concludes my little Weezer essay, come see Hello Dolly! And thank you so much if you donated to the give butter campaign!

Red album is also great and troublemaker sounds like a red hot chili peppers song. Alright that’s all from me oh and by the way I can sing and dance now… and juggle.

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