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DEATH? by Iris Taylor

So, we are putting on a show, you may have heard of it. It’s called Pippin. Or is it? You’ll never know. Anyway, I am here to talk to you about, drum roll please…… DEATH. So far, and keep in mind we have only been rehearsing for two or maybe three weeks. What is time? As I was saying, so far, I get to properly die three times (not to mention all the other not really deaths). Now before we go any further folks you may want to hold onto your hate – whoops I mean hat – as there will be a lot of oddness going further. Be prepared to say “wait, what just happened?” about 5 million times. I have already said that to many times to count and I’m supposed to know what is happening. But I wasn’t talking about that was I? What was I talking about? Ahh yes DEATH!! There is indeed quite a lot of it in this show. If you ever want to learn how to fall down a staircase or die a bunch of times (and get revived to dance of course) you should try being in Pippin. Okay is it really Pippin or am I just loosing my mind? Or are you losing your mind? What if we don’t even have minds in the first place? Hmm I don’t know. Whether you have a mind or not, you should come see Pippin!!! All jokes aside it has been so much fun to be working on this musical with the amazing theater people at Hale. I really enjoy leaving rehearsal happy and laughed out. So please come see our show to support all the fun we have had and because honestly this show is going to be amazing. If nothing else, I can say that with certainty. (Why did I choose a lizard as my photo? You’ll never know. 😊)

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