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Dear Reader by Lilith Sherrard

Dear reader, 

When I first joined theater I thought I would be way too nervous to perform. I thought I’d be a spotlight operator or a stagehand or something else behind the scenes. But something pushed me to audition and I could not imagine how different my life would be if I hadn’t. Hello! My name is Lilith, I'm a freshmen and this will be my second show with Nathan Hale. In the fall I was in our production of The 39 Steps as a few different roles and now I’m in our production of Pippin as another handful of role. So here I am, to be honest it feels kind of surreal being the person on the stage performing and rehearsing. I can’t really put into words what it feels like to work with all these talented actors and it really feels like a family of some sort I guess (told you I couldn’t put it into words) but all I can say is thank you to every single person who is working on this production, past productions and future productions. This is such a special space to me and I know even more for a ton of other people. Hope you come see the show!  

Signing off,  

Lilith Mahecha-Sherrard 

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