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And Here I Am by Lucia Templeton

I’m not exactly sure what I am supposed to be writing about, wait actually their exact words were” ANYTHING, LITERALLY ANYTHING!.” So, I guess that leaves everything and somehow, I still can’t think of anything interesting to write about. Well, I’ll just settle for the default; how I got into theater in the first place. 

Like many young children, for a short bit I thought I was a everything, I thought someone was gonna stop me on the street one day and ask me to star in a Hollywood film, I thought if I sung while I ran towards the light switch in a dark hall the monsters surely wouldn't get me because they would feel too guilty for taking such a Taylor Swift legend from the world. Believe it or not that’s not exactly how it happened. My first performance was as an ensemble member in a musical production of The Lion King Jr. (2016) put on by my elementary school. It was so fun I came back next year for Seussical the Musical Jr. (2017). Then I went through an awkward, shy phase in middle school and quit doing theater, but thank goodness I grew out of that and started doing improv classes and groups over the summer after ninth grade, did some Shakespeare in the park. Then I joined Nathan Hale Theatre and here I am.

And since there seems to be a trend of cat pictures on the Theatre page, here’s one more:

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