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A New Perspective By Piper Bartleson

While working on last Fall’s play, The 39 Steps, I was the lightboard operator. I worked in

the booth, and I saw the play from much the same view as the audience did. I didn’t interact all too much with the cast and crew, due to the booth’s distant isolation from the stage, and admittedly from my own shyness (this was my first time working with Nathan Hale Theatre and it’s wonderfully delightful members). This Spring, however, is different. I lamented while working on the Fall Play that I felt less involved with the production than I would have liked to be. Though with my new role as a stagehand, that has very much changed. I’m now scurrying around offstage, moving set-pieces and coordinating with the rest of the stagehand team to produce fast, safe, and smooth scene transitions. Not only that, but the perspective from which I view the show has dramatically shifted. Rather than the straightforward view from the booth, I now get to see every aspect of the performance from a side view. I also get to spend time around the actors and backstage team (costume and make-up people, other stagehands, etc.), which has allowed me to gain a far better understanding of how shows are put together, as I am now around so many more members of the production. From this new perspective, I hope to bring my what I can (and more!) to the production and performance of Pippin, and help make it the best show it can be!

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