Night of Your Life: The Mixtape!

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Ticket Options:


Live Stream Event only:

Watch our exclusive live performance on May 21st @7pm -- $20

Link to the prerecorded show:

Watch in your own time from May 22nd to June 5th -- $30


Students can attend the Live Stream event AND have the link for two weeks after -- $10


You will receive a link to a password protected page on our website before the show.  Make sure to check your e-mail (and your junk folder, just in case).


Ticket sales will close at 11:59pm on Thursday May 20th.

Poster Design by Nirnkaar Khalsa

What if life were a mixtape?

Nathan Hale Theatre presents our musical review “The Night of Your Life: The Mixtape” featuring songs from a wide range of musicals.

Celebrate the incredible talents of our Nathan Hale Theatre students in this star-studded production.  Come witness the magic of their performances and be inspired, because when you’re with us, you realize we’re not among the stars….we ARE the stars. 

Walk with us thru the journey of our lives experiencing all the wonderful changes each phase in life brings: childhood and its wonder and dreams, adolescence and its romance and identity exploration, adulthood and its commitments and path-finding, and old age and its reminiscence and fulfillment.

Transitions are part of life.  So, join us as we flip the tape over and keep on listening.

Happening Now!

Theatre Officer Applications

It’s that time of year to elect leaders for our Thespian Troupe next year!  You must fill out the application form HERE by May 16th.  (Remember that you get thespian points for being an officer.) You can find officer role descriptions here.

NOYL Spirit Week!

Spirit Week takes place the week of opening night (5/17-5/21) to generate excitement for our show! If you're involved in the show, the prompts and submission instructions can be found on our Instagram as well as an email that was sent out. To find everyone's spirit week photos, check out our Instagram! (@nathan_hale_theatre)