This Fall, we will NOT be producing the script we originally announced and planned Death by Dessert.  That will wait for another year so that we can experience all the unique benefits that show offers.  Instead, we will be producing a show that we will work together to write, create, and produce.  We’ll essentially be creating a film together – whether it turns out to be a live performance or pre-recorded.


I want to say that I am assured and hopeful that theatre this year will be really fun, engaging, and full of growth. We’re going to be creating a show together, for crying out loud, and that can be a really enjoyable and difficult process that will leave us feeling incredibly proud and connected to each other.  That’s the goal.


So, how do you get involved?  First, read the instructions below.  Then, go to this Google Drive folder.  Please help me spread the word.  Tell EVERYONE.  Everyone is welcome to do theatre here.  (If you have already signed up, worry not.  I’ve got you.  No need to sign up again, but maybe double check your sign-up because some things have changed.  If you have already signed up and want to change your role, then please sign up for the role that you want.)


You have 3 options:


  1. Sign up to be a writer.  If you love writing, choose this.  You will work together in small or large groups to write the show.  This may include elements of murder mystery, and will definitely include elements of sketch comedy and a sort of variety show.  This will also hopefully include some workshops with theatre/film professionals.     

    • To sign up, see the folder titled “WRITERS.”

  2. Sign up to be an actor.  If you love performing, choose this.  If you sign up, you’re guaranteed to play a part in the show.  What role will you be playing?  You’ll find out. :-)                                                                                                     

    • To sign up, see the folder titled “ACTORS.”

  3. Sign up to be a techie.  If you love technology and working behind the scenes, choose this.  This could include designing and creating costumes, sound design/editing, video editing, or joining the marketing team.  There won’t be all the techie jobs as usual (i.e. we don’t need stagehands or anyone in the booth).  However, this will hopefully include some workshops with theatre/film professionals.

    • To sign up, see the folder titled “TECHIES.”


Now, go forth and join us in our ground-breaking, once-in-a-lifetime theatre campaign this year!!!

Nathan Hale Theatre Proudly Announces:

Drama Department Officers 2020-21

President – Shelby Grant

Vice President – Charlotte Sullivan

Treasurer – Nina McKinstry

Secretary – McKenna Killgore

Marketing – Nina McKinstry, Celestine Caplan

Inclusion – Aria Haskins, Jamie Kushnick

Theatre Awards 2019-20

"Most Thespian Points" (students get points for each theatre activity) --

Platinum = Sam Neer (72 points)

Gold = Amelia Cooney (55 points)

Sapphire = Felix Coble (52 points)

"Most Improved" -- Rosie Arnesen

"Most Spirited" -- Katrina Doerflinger

"Most Reliable" -- Coco Royal

"Better Late Than Never" (students who joined theatre in their senior year) -- Kidus Mamo, Lucien Ackley, Galen Villines

"MVP" (student who consistently demonstrated the qualities of a Raider) -- Henry Pennington

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