Welcome to Nathan Hale Theatre!

The theatre department at Nathan Hale High School in Seattle, Washington exists to provide quality theatre education to Nathan Hale students and professional level performances for the entire Nathan Hale community.


With that goal in mind, Nathan Hale Theatre aims to create an inclusive, fun, creative environment where differences are celebrated and utilized so that we can all say, ‘Hey, we built this together and it’s beautiful!  I belong here.’


Theatre productions and course offerings, all overseen by theatre teacher David Roby (he/him), are designed to provide comprehensive knowledge of the dramatic arts; refine acting, production, and technical theatre skills; and provide a wide range of performance and technical opportunities for ALL students.  Please see Mr. Roby's full statement here.

Signups for "The Imaginary Invalid" by Oded Gross
(Fall Play 2022)

Signups for our Fall Play 2022 are LIVE, folks!

Everyone is welcome to do theatre here (that means YOU).  No experience necessary.

You can signup to perform on stage, become a techie to work backstage, or just help us build or paint or sew.

In the outrageously funny masterpiece “The Imaginary Invalid”, the hypochondriac Argan wants his daughter to marry a doctor so he can save on his medical bills. But she's in love with someone else. Soon the whole household joins in her madcap scheme to save true love and give Argan's doctors a dose of their own medicine.


Commedia dell'arte is a theatrical style characterized by improvised dialogue, physical comedy, and a cast of colorful stock characters.  “Commedia dell’arte” translates to mean “Masters of Comedy” or “The Art of Comedy.”  This means that when performing this style of theatre you are tapping into your strengths as a comedian while challenging yourself as a performer.  What “Imaginary Invalid” does best is allow you as individual performers to discover precisely what things YOU do to be as funny as YOU can be.


Signups close on September 27th.  Auditions will be Sept 26th & 28th.  Don’t put it off.  Sign up now!!

Poster Designs Wanted!!

Want to design the poster for our Fall Play and/or Spring Musical and have it hung on the walls for years to come?  Reach out to Mr. Roby and he’ll give you some vision and direction so you can get creating!!


Fall Play final drafts are due by the end of September 2022 and Spring Musical final drafts are due by the end of January 2023.

Fall Play 2022

Spring Musical 2023

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Drama Club on Fridays during lunch in the Blackbox

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