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Beloved Hale Theatre Community,

Thank you so much for this year.  It was difficult.  We all say that, because we are together in its trials and tests.

A large looming question for me this year has been, “Can we still tell stories that matter amidst such barriers and broken systems?”  The answer…Hale yes, we can.

We are strong and smart and kind when we are together.  Thank you for huddling together this year. (I mean this figuratively, of course, because literally huddling together would have been the antithesis of what would have been good for us………….too soon?)

Thank you for your support, for your creativity, for your ingenuity, for your passion, for your interest in storytelling.

Next year will be a different year, as all years are.  Let us remember the lessons we learned this year and carry them forward as we once again flex our sense of community and belonging in the coming year.  Community…we got this.  Let us continue to tell stories that matter…together.


David Roby (he/him)

Drama Director

Nathan Hale Theatre


Lessons Learned

  • Apparently, it’s important to make sure that flour and yeast are stocked in my home.

  • Students write really good stories while working together with a team of folks with endless ideas and a little bit of direction.

  • Remember to ask yourself if you are happy, then remember to listen and respond.

  • Remember to ask each other if you are happy, then listen and respond.

  • We are versatile and supportive problem-solvers.

  • Having a bubble isn’t always a bad thing.

  • Apparently I love my family even though they drive me absolutely crazy and I disagree with them on most things.

  • Going forward, I am capable of spending more time with my family, and less time working.

  • We are capable of having deep, important discussions even when we’re not in the same room.

  • Families are willing to sing and dance in the musical. 😊

  • Remember to breathe.

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And the moment you've been waiting for.................Next year's shows!

Fall Play

Ready to get back on that theatre stage and have some fun?  Our upcoming Fall Play The 39 Steps is the perfect opportunity to get on that stage and MOVE!!!


Mix a Hitchcock masterpiece with a juicy spy novel, add a dash of Monty Python and you have … Alfred Hitchcock’s THE 39 STEPS.  With over 150 characters to be played by the entire cast, there will be comedy.  Oh yes, there will be comedy.  One of Broadway’s most intriguing, riotous, unmissable Tony-winning comedies proves that anything the movies can do, the theatre can do more hilariously!

Spring Musical

As we return to the physical stage, our beloved PAC, it seems fitting that we put some magic on that stage!  Come be a part of the story of Pippin, telling the journey of a young prince trying to find his purpose in the world directed by a mysterious character known as the Leading Player.  Who can be trusted?  What is right?  Which path will he choose, will YOU choose?


Pippin tells the story of mystery, of purpose, of opportunity in the midst of uncertainty.  In the wake of the pandemic, many of us may feel lost, confused, and unsure about the future.  We have the chance to reach within ourselves and reach out to new experiences.  What fulfills us – having the answers, or asking the questions?

Book & Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz

(composer and lyricist for shows like Godspell and Wicked to name a couple)

Book by Roger O. Hirson