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Warm, Welcome Community by Iris Taylor

So I love theater. I have been doing theater since 3rd grade (I am now in 9th grade). I have mostly just done my school’s plays or musicals but I have also done a couple theater classes at my middle school and now at Hale. The two theater teachers/directors I have had were great and I learned a lot from them and I’m glad I had them as my theater teachers/directors. But my small experience with Hale theater has so far been completely different from all my previous theater experiences (In a good way of course). I have learned so much about acting and miming and everything that goes into theater from Mr. Roby in this small amount of time. The community part of theater at Hale has also been amazing. One big reason I do like theater is because of the community, and at Hale I feel comfortable to be myself. Which sounds cheesy, yes I know, but it’s true. Because we are doing a comedy, we often have had to randomly shout out things or do silly stuff. I normally wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that type of thing, but during rehearsal I do because I know that people won’t make fun of me or even look at me weird. Because the cast is smaller than I’m used to, I have also felt a lot more connected to the cast and I have made new friends. So long story short, I am very excited to be a part of this show and I can’t wait to see the finished product.

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Jamie Kushnick
Jamie Kushnick
Nov 02, 2021

Yay! Hey Iris! I'm so glad you're having a good time, it's been really cool working with you! SO glad we're part of this show together!

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