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Treasurer Ian Graybill - "Fear and Loathing in Las Hale Theatre"

My name is Ian Graybill, and I’m the treasurer for the Nathan Hale Theatre Officers. As a treasurer, my tasks include planning and running fundraisers, figuring out what we should spend money on, and acting as the intermediary between the offices and the school’s fiscal office. The job helps me exercise my passion for fundraising, and allows me to interact with troupe members without being an especially forward facing position.

It makes me really happy when we finish with a fundraiser, and I get to deposit all the money we worked hard to raise, and then we get to use that money for fun troupe activities! Being an officer is an experience that has allowed me to develop my teamwork skills, and form stronger bonds with my fellow officers. They’re skills that are going to help me in both professional and personal areas in the rest of my life. On top of that I get to help be a part of helping the theatre program run smoothly, and to the standard of quality that I want, which is really rewarding!

Personal note, I’ve always been terrible at picking favorites, and so I can’t pick a favorite part of my time as an officer. I’ve loved all the time I’ve spent with the other officers, becoming better friends and helping to make the program that we love so much better. I can’t recommend the experience enough for anyone who wants to be a part of making theatre at Hale happen.

Applications are open now, I hope you check them out!

- Ian

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