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Theatre event updates!!

Greetings incredible theatre folks!

I bring you a couple updates about start-of-the-year Hale Theatre events.


Fall Play signups have been extended by one week and auditions have been pushed one week later. Those of you who have signed up for dates/times to audition will keep your original times, but the day is now one week later. If you need to reschedule your audition time, you can do that no problem.

Fall Play 2022 Signups – “The Imaginary Invalid” by Oded Gross

Signups close on September 27th. Auditions will be Sept 26th & 28th.

Sign up on our website if you haven't already.

ALL ARE WELCOME!!!! No experience required.

Check out our Insta @nathan_hale_theatre


Performing Arts Kickoff Night

Performing Arts Kickoff Night has been postponed for a later date. Stay tuned. It will likely happen sometime in the next month or two. We still want to hang out with you, connect you with peers, and introduce ourselves!

In the meantime, check out our Nathan Hale Theatre Statement of Purpose:

Nathan Hale Theatre is a family where students can have fun, build community, grow as theatre artists, and bring their own unique talents and strengths to this theatrical round table (by performing, building, tech-ing, leading, bonding, goofing, collaborating, or something else). We’re here to build a supportive and productive community that fosters a sense of belonging for all abilities, backgrounds, and levels of theatre experience. Whether or not you consider yourself creative or capable, we’re here to tell you that when you are here…you are both.

Let's do this!!!


David Roby (he/him) (and Pulcinella below, of course)

Nathan Hale Theatre

Drama Director

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