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Theater Kids in Their Element by Jason Li

Hello, Mysterious person reading this. I bet you're in long black robes silently reading my ramblings with silent disapproval. Or you're just someone who decided that they were interested in the school play enough to actually read enough of the info to get to my part and is now deeply confused about my sanity and your sanity. Don’t worry I’m here to tell you about the musical not indoctrinate you into a cult. Since you’re interested enough about the play I might as well tell you a bit about it. 

I’m sure you have heard the expression the show must go on. Well in my experience it's a bit different. The show will go on. Not because of peer pressure or for the college application or the sunk cost fallacy but because people care. Say what you will about other people and how much they care. I can assure you with every fiber I have that the people working on this show care a lot about this show. I know people well enough to know genuine laughter, bafflement, confusion, worry, and care. Last year when there was physical school we played improv games during lunch. When I was in middle school doing the musical we choreographed. When it was the night before the big show and we were on break the entire cast were singing their parts to the songs, together, with unspoken cooperation. The specifics of the whats and the whys and hows don’t matter. What I remember is the emotions. The play is fun and amazing and I could never find the perfect word that describes the amount of care and joy felt by theater kids in their element.

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