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Testing The Waters by Piper Bartleson

I first joined theatre because I wanted to be doing something other than eating, sleeping, and going to school each day. In some respects, it’s been that something. Though in other ways, I find myself yearning for more. The 39 Steps is the first show I’ve been a part of at Nathan Hale, or really at all, so I didn’t want to bite off more than I thought I could chew when choosing a job. In retrospect, I kind of wish I had done so. I ended up going with lightboard operator, a role that didn’t require acting ability, yet hopefully would be active enough to give me a good sense of what theatre at Hale was like. After doing nothing but some work party help for two weeks, it was finally time to start tech week, and I was excited to be able to fulfill my spot in the show. I’ve so far enjoyed doing run-throughs of the show; however, I found the actual job of operating the lightboard to be less active than I’d hoped. Given that it’s my third year at Hale, I know I only have a few shows left ahead of me, so I’m planning on getting more involved with future productions. Regardless, I’m glad I decided to step into this environment, and from what I’ve seen of the rest of the Hale theatre landscape, I will be eagerly awaiting the beginning of the Spring musical production. I’m writing this on the last of week of rehearsal, and I hope that despite all else, I can enjoy doing my part during performances, while looking forward to whatever role I find myself in next.

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