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Start of School Year Update

Hale Theatre Community,

It’s difficult for me to say this and I’m greatly saddened by it, but SPS and the educators’ union (SEA) have not reached a contract agreement for the school year yet. So, we’re striking starting tomorrow.

I’m so sorry this is happening. Hopefully all will turn out well and we adults can figure out how to take care of each other, but for now we will likely have to cancel drama club this Friday (unless we start classes before then).

This also means we’re postponing the Performing Arts Kickoff Night.

The Performing Arts Kickoff Night is currently postponed until SPS and SEA can reach a tentative contractual agreement and we resume classes.

Please stay tuned and standby until further notice. We hope to be able to reschedule this event for Friday Sept 16th @ 6pm, but this is not yet confirmed.

You deserve the best. Signups for the Fall Play are still open, btw. 😊



P.S. Until we return, I leave you with this adorable and hopeful photo of my beloved children. We can do this.

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