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Spectacular Online Theatre! by Nirnkaar Khalsa

This year we present the… one and only… fabulous… most incredible…hopefully never has to be this way again… spectacular… online theatre!

Hello, my name is Nirnkaar Khalsa, I am a sophomore at Nathan Hale and I play the role of Beatrix along with being in some of the sketch comedies.  I am very excited to be in the show this year. We are right now in the thick of rehearsals and it is extremely joyful to be reading a play that you know was made by your fellow classmates and theatre team.

What is theatre for you? For me, theatre is a place to run and play. I can experiment on a hundred different ways to say, “Is that yours?” till I find the perfect way to make it sound the most like a squirrel. Being in theatre class usually means 50% is laughing and the other 50% is hard work, and I would not want it any other way. In class, you know that even if the joke was not funny (and Roby falls out of frame laughing), that you cannot help but start laughing. Theatre is very relieving and uses your mind to think of all the different creative possibilities to use your voice, body, and subtle movements.

I was not in the shows last year, but I was impressed by the talent and community Mr. Roby guided these students to create. It is very empowering to be in a room of students who want to be in theater and the possibilities that can be created. These students have been working very hard and are full of ideas. This show will be a lot of experimenting but also a chance to take advantage of the new medium of online theatre. This year we have a very dramatic murder mystery and some hilarious but meaningful sketches. I am going to be a pretty funny looking toothbrush for one and Beatrix is *cough cough* I cannot tell you that, it is a mystery, that could spoil something, you will just have to go see the show.

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