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So Many Emotions, So Little Time by Avonlea Smith

Hi, I'm Avonlea and I play the part of Hero! Hero is truly a champ, let's be honest. She goes through so much; love, heartbreak, weddings (yes, weddings, plural). And yet, unlike many Shakespearean characters, she suffers through it and doesn't let all the tragedies get to her. Because of her roller coaster of a life, she requires a roller coaster of emotions to be portrayed. Playing a character with a very diverse array of emotions can be kind of daunting at times. But, that won't stop me from giving it my all! This play is super fun, with relatable characters, twists and turns, and lots of love. Come to Much Ado About Nothing to see me (and many others) fall in love, get our hearts broken, and put back together again. Come cheer us on!

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