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Small But Mighty by Celestine Caplan

When I auditioned for this show, I really just wanted to hang out with my friends, because theater people are the best people.

I held a really big grudge against Shakespeare because all drama classes are forced to learn about him and it’s annoying that his words are different. Like, who says “she were a good wife….” anymore??! But I soon found that the experience is still fun, and to top it off, we made one of the couples gay!

Conrade is a pretty small character (15 lines ;D), but he’s crucial to the story as Don John’s closest associate… at least before Borachio shows up. Throughout the show, Conrade has to prove his worth to his leader because some other dude showed up and was like, “I’ll commit sabotage for you, no problem DJ.” Leaving him in the dust… but he always takes DJ’s side, as you’ll see if you come to the show. Come to the show we have gay marriage and villainy! Conrade chooses to stay with Don John through thick (war) and thin (sabotage) even after being abandoned in favor of a newbie. How is that fair…?

I feel like Conrade is bitter on the outside because of everything he’s witnessed in his life but at his core, he’s just a loyal friend, even though he doesn’t show it to the world. (Don John knows he doesn’t deserve him.)


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