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Raising The Curtain by Ruth Fogarty

When I was told that high school would be hard I was not prepared for what happened to the world in my sophomore year (I cried literally so much when I found out our school year was cancelled. Not because of school, but because Chicago got cancelled along with it). Because of that, stepping back into the theatre for the first time two weeks ago for the first rehearsal of The 39 Steps, I nearly cried again. Throughout quarantine I’ve been filming self-tapes and taking acting classes, but nothing can compare to actually standing on the PAC stage, looking out at the rows of empty seats that will soon be filled with people.

I’m very excited to finally perform for the first time since December 2019, and to perform alongside friends in my last year of high school.

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1 Comment

Jamie Kushnick
Jamie Kushnick
Nov 08, 2021

Woo! It's been so fun working with you over the course of the show (you're doing AMAZING and I do not tell you that enough). Yay!

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