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Princesses and Trucks by Iris Taylor

Howdy folks. I’m here yet again to write some nonsense. As much nonsense as I can to fill this page up ;). Only two more of these to go. Alrighty I guess I’d better get into it. Soooo Cinderella, we are doing Cinderella! Yay. I will say when I first heard what show we were doing I wasn’t super excited. Cinderella is fine but (blasphemy I know) it’s never really been my favorite. All though I will say when I was young, I had this Disney book of princess stories. And I tell you, I loved the heck out of that thing. By the time I started reading other books, that princess book was fully held together by tape. It no longer had a binding, just lots and lots of tape. It was really special to me. Anywho so I did have my fair share of princess obsession (and I’m told a truck one as well), Cinderella has never been my favorite story. However, working on this show has made me realize that yes (sighhhhhhh) being in a Disney princess show can be fun. I know I admitted it, let’s be proud together?!  

In reality though this show has so many tiny jokes and joy and ahhhhhhhhh the dancing!!!! I love dancing and this show has a solid amount of it. It’s crazy how much happier I can be just by doing a silly jig or waltzing away, etc.. And honestly so much of the joy of this show is made by the people in it. I’m so happy so many new people joined our silly little bunch this year and each and every one of them bring something new and special to it. So do the people who have already been in this silly group and put up with me for a while now :). So if (when… nudge nudge wink wink) you come see this show. Please try to put away and preconceived notions and try to have fun with something special and yes silly, (also enjoy the dancing). 

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