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Polar Opposites by Charlotte Sullivan

Hello! My name is Charlotte Sullivan and I’m playing Pandora Gravely and the Spirit of Procrastination in our production “Laughing Out Life.” I’m so thrilled that we could find a way to do our show this year, because theatre is what I’ve missed the most since COVID hit. I’m also really stoked about my characters.

Pandora is a detective who wants to get out of her slump and be taken seriously for her work. Frankly, if I met this woman out and about I’d be terrified of her. She’s one of the strongest female characters I’ve ever played. You see, I have this reputation of being cast as things like chorus girls, and one of the only characters you’re supposed to like in Chicago (hint: it’s the dead Hungarian). Many of my character choices I made for Pandora revolved around how she wants people to perceive her, which is someone who can see right through you and probably also break an apple in half with her hands. You will never catch her slipping. Hopefully.

The Spirit of Procrastination on the other hand, may look spooky but she’s one of the most delightful characters I’ve ever played. She’s a familiar character to everyone, even those who don’t see the show. Almost everyone has their own little procrastination spirit telling them to “just do it later,” and the one you see is what mine sounds like. Unfortunately, unlike Pandora, she’s very fun to be around.

Thank you for continuing to support Nathan Hale Theatre as we continue to get through these wacky times. Enjoy the show!

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