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Performance Masks (We Can Do The Show!!) by Celestine Caplan

Before covid, projecting lines was hard enough. This year though, there is an additional challenge. Acting with masks on invites a whole host of difficulties to the stage. For one, all emotions must be conveyed with the sliver of visible face on an actor, or in body language. Secondly, these masks are super thick! It's very difficult to talk through them without sounding muffled- much less in a raging Scottish accent. Despite all this, I'm still super glad to be rehearsing in person again. Though the actual performance situation is unknown (edit: we can do the show now!!), being back at school for over 12 hours per day is a refreshing breath of fresh air, especially while I navigate senior year and all its obstacles. I was being sarcastic there, but there really is nothing like the bonding that happens during tech week, everyone crammed together eating foods with triple the daily recommended sodium amount and using up three bottles of concealer a week. I can't wait to perform for you. It's been too long.

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Jamie Kushnick
Jamie Kushnick

YAY! Back in person! It's been so fun working with you over the course of this show! Love the blog post!

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