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My Pal Felix by Elora Coble

Hello! My name is Elora and I’m a sophomore at Hale. This is my fourth show at Hale! This production has been a really fun experience. I’ve gotten to learn a bunch of cool songs and choreography, see my hale theater family regularly, and best of all, do theater with my brother, Felix. Since we live in the same house, we’ve been able to practice together, help each other record audio and video, cheer each other on, break down laughing during the 50th take on a song at 10pm, remind each other on deadlines, and most importantly, be there for each other. This year has been very isolating, and being alone doing theater is one of the hardest things, because it’s basically an oxymoron. Theater is so much better when we have a community that inspires and pushes us to be greater. That’s why I’m excited for hopefully doing theater together in person next year, and why I’m so grateful to have my brother with me.

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