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My Bear's Debut by Anna Luters


My name is Anna and I am a senior at Nathan Hale. Like a lot of other people, hearing that this year would be online was disappointing for many reasons, one of which not being able to do the musical in person. Singing and dancing have always been creative outlets for me, and so my first time doing the musical last year was super fun. Little did I know, we would still be able to maintain that same positive space while being online and figure out how to put on a show from the comfort of our own homes.

While being online, everyone gets a little peak into your life by seeing the space you are in. With this, the giant stuffed animal bear that sits in the corner of my bed is in view from my camera. I never realized how much people would notice and ask questions about it until this year, but it has been a fun conversation starter. What does this have to do with our show? Well you’ll just have to see it and find out. You might even get to see my bear’s debut in theater. His performance will be show-stopping for sure

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