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Merry Meri by Alexa Haucke

Hi! I'm Alexa and I play Meredith McIlvern. Meredith is a sweet, older woman, who is very passionate about the comedy group she sponsors. She's been very successful in her career in tech, and she likes to share that success with her community. I like that Meredith is determined to do what she feels is right, no matter what. Even if her family and friends disagree with her, she sees the best in others, and wants to see them succeed. Meredith isn't perfect, but she sticks to her principles and doesn't let people push her around, and that's what counts.

My favorite thing about this year's play is that it's written and produced by Hale students. This means this story is completely our own, and reflects our outlook on these times. It's a unique time for storytelling, and storytelling is more important than ever. I'd appreciate it if you joined the experience with us, and watched the play. It'll be great, I promise!

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