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Its Been a Weird One by Jamie Kushnick

Hey! My name is Jamie Kushnick, I’m the assistant stage manager for this year's spring musical The Night of Your Life! I’m so incredibly excited to be working on the show and for you all to come see it once it’s ready, but WOWZA! It’s been a weird year. I think it was much more challenging for everyone involved to do theatre online. A big part of the process is bonding with your fellow cast and crew, feeding off each other’s energy, and sharing the space in which you create an entire thing to show an entire audience. With online theatre, you’re not in the same physical space most of the time. The best part about being a techie in a physical theatre is being able to get comfortable managing that space. Knowing who does what, where you need to be, and where everything else moves around you. But here’s why this year has been so weird. I expected online theatre to suck, to lose all these great previously mentioned qualities to the

boredom that exudes from online meetings. And yet, I’m still having the time of my life! Sure, we’re not in the same space, but that doesn’t mean we never interact! Online rehearsals still have that stressful delight you get from any show, and I still found myself forming and strengthening some pretty amazing bonds! Online theatre might not be the best. We’ve all been glued to our computers and sucked into meetings all throughout the day, so it can be hard to come into rehearsal with the same zest for the work as we often display. But hey. It’s still theatre, and I always have a good time. Hope you all enjoy the show, and a special shoutout to senior/stage manager Avonlea! It’s been great working with you this year!

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