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I Love It Here by Odin Kushnick

So far, my experience with Nathan Hale Theater has been phenomenal. Coming into my first year at Hale last year, I hadn't done anything theater related in two years or so, even though it is most definitely what I'm most passionate about. That year I signed up for a semester of Mr. Roby’s theater elective. Saying that his class reignited my passion for acting would be an understatement. I immediately decided to try out for last year's fall play She Kills Monsters, and not having acted for two years I bombed the audition and decided to work as a stagehand. And again, I loved it. Everyone was so kind, helpful, and willing to put in their work I knew I wanted to be more involved. I ended up taking another semester of theater, Mr. Roby’s tech theater class, and stage handing the spring musical Crazy for You

I made a promise to myself somewhere around the end of last year, that I would work to get a/the lead in one of Nathan Hales fall plays by my senior year. This year I’m a sophomore and playing the role of Benedick in our fall play, Much Ado About Nothing. So, I’m pretty happy with my goal. I strongly encourage anyone even slightly interested in any acting or tech role in any of Nathan Hales productions to come be a part of the community within our community, if not for the supportive people, fun work environment, and best director, teacher, mentor, and theatrical artist I’ve ever met, at least stop by for the service hours.   


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