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I love creating, and murder mysteries by Rhiannon Arjona

Hello, my name is Rhiannon Arjona and I am a Sr here at Nathan Hale, and I am playing the role of Ember Scott in the show “Laughing Out Life” (or more simply “LOL”). I love creating and writing stories and watching them and learning about how they were produced, and having the chance getting to play a part in the creation of the show. I’ve always taken interest in that department, getting to be ap art of the show and seeing how it has developed so far has been truly incredible. I’m so proud of everyone already and the immense amount of work that we are all putting into creating this show. One thing that most people don’t know about me is that I love murder mysteries. I’ve been a nerd in that area since about 2011. So, I was about 8 when I first got my grip on to my favorite TV show of all time, Murdoch Mysteries. Man, I love that show!! You know when you watch a show for so long that you kinda start to feel like the characters are family and then cry for 4+ hours if they die in the show? No, just me? Okay. I love murder mysteries and like my favorite show this is one for the whole family to enjoy! I could go on about how amazing this show is but there are probably some spoilers, and no one likes that so you will just have to wait. But trust me it will be worth it. I am truly excited to be in a murder mystery, especially the one that our amazing writers have written. It’s making my 8-year-old self very happy and I can’t wait for you all to see this amazing show!

Lots of love or lol,

Rhiannon Arjona

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